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Ok, so Sony just had its pre-TGS conference and absolutely knocked it out of the park. Now it's MS' turn. Early with the 360 MS spent the money to try and make an impact in Japan, and while it may not have done great numbers I believe it did outsell the original Xbox so that has to be considered a win. MS wouldn't be bringing the X1 to Japan to just not try, it's too smart a company and it certainly wouldn't be having a 24-hour livestream if there was nothing to show, so what are your expectations?

Obviously the no-brainer is to hype up stuff like Forza 5, Assassin's Creed and Dead Rising 3. I think Capcom will have a big presence there with DR 3 and will probably hype the RE games a bit too. Wouldn't be surprised if Halo gets some press too as the Halo games do seem to have a decent niche in Japan. Other than that, I'd like to see SquareEnix talk a little more about Final Fantasy XV but that's probably being held for TGS later in the month. Mistwalker hasn't really said anything about home consoles, so Lost Odyssey 2 or maybe an X1 remaster of The Last Story would be awesome.

The only concern regarding new announcements, just like Sony's conference, would be how many of the games will come to the West.

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I'm hoping they get their act together in Japan. I would love to see how many developers they manage to court.


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I wasn't a fan of Lost Odyssey, I have to say, but I'd be open to trying out anything that Mistwalker came up with.

I'm hoping for a surprise or two to turn up during the livestream and/or at TGS. I wouldn't like to wager on anything though - they could literally come up with anything!

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I'd think there has to be a surprise or two. Unless MS is really waiting for the actual TGS to start, which I guess would make sense too as it's not that long after the launch.



So things aren't looking good for X1 in Japan. No games in the top twenty (according to a major retailer), no Japanese exclusives or abundance of them incoming (only Scalebound). This time they didn't try.

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I haven't even found a video of the Japanese livestream. Maybe TGS will be better but yeah, this disappointed from everything I heard. I'm surprised because I thought X1 had the better showing over PS4 at E3 and Gamescom.


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