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Curious why not more people are playing through the campaign on this. Started and finished it today, and basically every achievement is a rare one, even the one for finishing like the first chapter. The game looks gorgeous on the Series X too. What's everyones thoughts on it?


Granted it's DLC for a game that's been out for a while, but you would think more would have played it by now. It's not uncommon for the achievements for a game's DLC to remain rare ones though.

The only reason I haven't played it is because I have still yet to play Gears 5. I held off for a while because I had other games to play, but then the Series X version was talked about, so I figured I might as well wait a while longer to play it that way since I had already waited. I look forward to finally playing it once I'm done with Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Hivebusters is supposed to be pretty good, so I look forward to playing through it after I'm done with Gears 5's campaign obviously.

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It's not just Hivebusters, I was playing ODST via Master Chief Collection for the first time and every achievement was rare. Maybe it's because both DLCs are only free for Ultimate members, or perhaps it's just a quirk of the Gamepass system since technically every subscriber "owns the game" even if they never open it?

Between Hivebusters and Tactics, I really want more side stories from the Gears Universe.



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