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So I got a roughly 1 GB system update today on my Xbox One and decided to perform it. After it was done, the console booted up and I couldn't see anything on the menu, it was completely black. Apparently this has been an issue for Xbox insiders as well and for some bloody unknown reason, Microsoft thought it was okay to release this update despite this known issue.

So anyway, considering how this happened to me, it's probably happened to other people as well and I recommend visiting this site in order to fix this issue:

You need to basically perform a factory reset. At first I was very worried because there's an option where you can keep all the games but lose all the save files and right now I'm halfway through Forza Motorsport 5 and as some of you may know, that game's career mode is incredibly repetitive. So if I had lost my save file for that game, I would've been absolutely livid. Thankfully though, Microsoft made cloud saves free without the need of being subscribed to Xbox Live Gold last year and when I booted up Forza 5, it synced up to the save file I had from before. Thank freaking god, lol. That's the one good thing about Xbox compared to PlayStation since cloud saves aren't free there.

Regardless, it doesn't excuse Microsoft for releasing a system update where people have openly stated has an issue that will "brick" your Xbox One. Hopefully this thread will help you guys who have also run into this problem or maybe I'm the only one and I sound like an absolute lunatic right now!

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@LtSarge cheers for the heads up. To be honest, this has happened to me without having a system update, or at least something very similar has happened.

Usually the solution is to power cycle the Xbox One. Unplug it and just hold the power button down to drain the power from the PSU (I'm not actually sure this is how you do it on Xbox now that I think about it but it's how you do it on a PC 😅)

I can't remember if there was a safe mode you can boot it in. I'm sure my problem was a separate thing though because it was a display issue. The Xbox, HDMI cable and the monitor weren't playing nice together and it happened more frequently after I had moved the Xbox from a HD TV to a 4K monitor

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@ralphdibny Yeah I don't think it's a display issue as I literally couldn't do anything after I booted up my Xbox One. This issue also started happening a month ago so it's not really a long-time problem with Xbox One consoles. It's actually the first time I've ever encountered something like this, it's just so weird.



@LtSarge yeah fair enough, it's probably a different problem. I've been having (fixable) black screens of death infrequently for as long as I've had my Xbox one. Freaked me out the first time I had it, I was wondering if it'd be another 360 RROD situation all over again. I also bought my One X from a UK shop called Game who are absolute buttheads when it comes to UK consumer law so I had to gear myself up for confrontation. Luckily it didn't come to that! 😅



Yep; this just happened to me. Luckily I have an Xbox Series X now but as I didn't want to fill up space on my new console so soon (memory cards are expensive), this is rather irritating.

Quick question about the backwards compatibility; is all I have to is insert the Xbox One game disc and all my data, saves, and dlc from that game transferred/copied onto my Xbox Series X?

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