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Hello there!

Every generation I've had a PlayStation and I always had an Xbox as my secondary console until the One which I skipped.

I am finding Xbox more appealing this generation being a fan of Western RPGs, the fact Microsoft seem to be trying to court players with Gamepass and the fact Microsoft seem to have curated their back catalogue better for onward compatibility.

I guess my main questions as someone looking to switch over are purely about size and placement as follows:

I have a solid wood TV cabinet with a 15.6cm window clearance in height, and an extra couple of cm extra once you clear the window.

A) If the X console is laid horizontally is that 'enough' to let the console vent? There's plenty of space horizontal, it's just the height. The dimensions say 15.1cm width/height so I should have half a CM which is fine, but very close.

B) alternately behind the TV is 19cm from the back of the screen to the back of the stand, is that really enough space to fit it vertically? It feels too close to the TV for me.

C) I could get a hard plastic/wood square surface and place it on the floor behind the TV cabinet, there is the space, I'm just not a huge fan of putting stuff on the floor and the disc drive would be inconvenient to access. I never buy physical games and very occasionally watch blu ray.

D) Underneath the shelf in A) is a drawer with Magnetic doors, there's 20mm clearance and I could play with doors open to let heat escape but I'm not sure about placing the console in a mostly enclosed space and next to some low powered magnets.

E) If I get an "S", pretty much the above 3 are a non issue, I can play the old Bethesda games like New Vegas and play the latest games like Starfield but will the experience likely to be so compromised , I'll just kick myself? I've never been a FPS/Resolution zealot, I just like things running "decently".

Any advice from owners would be great. Naturally just replacing the PS4 pro in the cabinet would be the best choice, but 0.5cm to play with seems a bit hairy.

Appreciate the questions might seem wierdly specific but I don't have a place I'm I initially really comfortable with to put an X and don't want to "settle" for an S if the difference really is night and day.

Any advice would be much appreciated!




The X is absolutely fine horizontally - so definitely put it in the open shelf, as an enclosed cabinet would struggle during warm weather and behind the TV sounds a pain.

The small amount of space above it isn't an issue - the X takes air in through the side / bottom with the "stand" and expels it via the side / top with the big vent (there are no vents at all in the main body) so as long as you give it a bit of room on both sides horizontally it'll be absolutely fine.

While the design sounds like it should be vertical (and I've had mine both ways) so it can "draw in" the air at the bottom, in reality convection means it has little impact whichever way the console is.

Hope that helps!

As for the X vs the S, the S is an amazing little beast, but if you've got a 4K TV and can stretch to it, the X is worth the extra - while the S is fine for 1080p TVs / second consoles / portability.

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Exactly the answer I was looking for, thanks.



@RPE83 No problem, enjoy once you've got it!


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