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Hi all,

Looking for some help/advice.

I have an Xbox Series X arriving this week and have been getting ready. I've signed into my Xbox Live Account and discovered that when I gave my old Xbox to a friends son he has been playing a tonne of terrible games on my account. I've become a completionist and want everything perfect for starting the next generation.

From the research I've done it looks like nothing can be done to delete the games I don't want on there?

Can I purge and clear my account completely?

Can I start a new account (the current account is linked to my main Hotmail address) which will replace my current account?

Really appreciate your advise

Best regards

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Is your friend's son still using your old account?
Could become problematic.

To be honest, I would have advised to remove your account from your old xbox before handing over.



I like achievements but having OCD like this about them must really suck.

You nothing you can do other then start a new account.



@Jaro_Leman You might as well start a new account. I mean if your friend's son has been using your old account who knows what he has done with it. I mean any friends of his will have his gamer tag info so they will be contacting you think it's him and such. Honestly you should have removed your info before giving him your old Xbox.

But yeah you might as well just start a new one.

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@Jaro_Leman I had a similar thing where my mate used my profile for 2 player after I'd left mine logged in at his house. Found I had random achievements for Doom 2 and some other stuff.

Sorry I can't be of much help because I wasn't too fussed about achievements as I already have a few complete games with incomplete achievement lists but I thought I'd share a similar story!

I would change the password on your account though just in case it's been compromised and maybe check your bank statements from the years the console was lent out to see if your friend and his son owe you any money!

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Thank you very much for the replies.

I decided to go with the old profile and live with the scar tissue. I've been playing Assassins Creed Valhalla and enjoying it thoroughly.

Again. Appreciate the support and recommendations.



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