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Little back story, always been a Nintendo fan since a kid with NES. Fell out of video games after the 64 but the Switch got me back into it after a long layoff. Since then been collecting, NES, 64 and Switch. However, with the Series X coming out shortly, I secured a preorder! What got me was the backward compatible accessibility. While I wait for the SX, I bought a One X to tie me over and I am hooked. Even bought a 360. Now I have the collecting bug for Xbox. As the forum states, I don't do digital, I am big on physical games! Just wanted to see who out there is a collector for the xbox! It is a great time with the transition and games dropping in prices! Basically just wanted to create a forum on anything and everything physical!



I use to enjoy physical copies and such, have a decent size NES, SNES, Genesis, PS and PS2 collection but this gen I went mostly digital. For one thing I just don't have the room to have a huge physical collection like I want. Second the digital sales this gen have just been really good even better then a physical copy at places like GameStop or even Amazon. Who knows though maybe with the Series X I will go back to physical.

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I ad-hoc collect for the original xbox.. Nothing serious, just keep an eye out for the less common games and pick them up when I see them cheap. Built up quite a nice collection for pennies from charity shops and eBay, and the prices are steadily increasing.

Now is the best possible time to collect for 360 - Prices are as low as they'll ever be right now.



Been hitting the common stores around me hard lately for 360/One games as they are just dropping them in price. Mostly just the most common games but it is a nice change to add to the collection instead of trying to collect for some of the Nintendo systems. ha



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