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So I bought dying light on this last sale but after that purchase I am not buying anything new for a stretch of time. I want to finish games that have been stacking up so I made a list some of them like Red dead redemption2 I quit playing because of the load times being brutal some I have no excuse.
Cyberpunk playing now close to finish
Dying light next
Red dead after that
Outerworlds I gave this a short try it being on game pass need to get into it
and finally AC Odyssey beat the main story never did the dlcs.
anyone else working on a back log of games rather then buying new ones? the only thing that would alter this plan is if fable comes out but that seems to be way off in the future.



Well, sort of. I've been buying games (mostly due to Black Friday last month and recent Christmas sales) but I've also been avoiding Game Pass simply because I want to focus on my backlog. There are so many great games on GP now but I would just feel so guilty playing them knowing that I already have lots of games that need to be played. This has become more clear to me now that we've entered a new generation and I genuinely don't feel like buying any of the new consoles when I already have PS4, Xbox One, Switch, not to mention PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, 3DS and Vita backlogs. There are also not that many games that would entice me to get a new console, so I might just focus on my backlog for the foreseeable future.

As a side note, you should definitely do the DLC for AC Odyssey, especially The Fate of Atlantis DLC. I just finished that one and it was so good!



I'm only playing GP games because I haven't played any of the yet. I'm trying to finish Brutal Legend and RE7 but already have Titanfall 1 & 2 ready to go afterwards. Still playing FH4 and will continue to do so but i have Sniper Elite 4 on my play later, Skyrim, Jedi Fallen Order and 100's more I want to play. It's a bit overwhelming actually just jumping into the Gamepass library and being new to much to play! Oh I have Doom Eternal going as well as Gears UE.


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@VisitingComet1 I always tell myself that I'm either working on or SHOULD be working on my by now MASSIVE multi-console (and handheld) backlog, but I never manage to, and I do want to keep buying titles that might otherwise not be available anymore, so I simply gave up, and keep buying new stuff that I want to own.

My latest two purchases that I'll probably not be playing for the next couple of years or so are Super Mario 3D All Stars for the Switch and Strange Brigade for the Xbox One. Onto the back log they go...

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I have been having fun with dying light and cyber punk I am still really interested in the avengers but not enough to buy right now @Krzzystuff Jedi fallen order was not the game for me it was ok but I think Bethesda ruined games like that. I really just want to be able to go west and keep going can't really play things on rails now. the point you make about the massive collection of games is true some times im locked into in action because the selection is so big.



my backlog is so huge it'll last me this entire gen lol..

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Yep! Doing the same thing OP.

I just completed Control and Gears 5 Hivebusters. I enjoyed Hivebusters so much that it inspired me to go back and finally plays Gears 3.

Can't believe I havent played GOW3 before, this is an incredibly good campaign!

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