Topic: Anyone have Turtle Beach issues on XSX?

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Bought the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 2nd Gen a week before getting the XSX. Absolutely faultless on the One X.

Had nothing but connection issues, popping, crackling and straight up turning off at some stages while on the Series X. I found a reddit thread with some of the same stuff.

Just wondering if there was anyone here also experiencing this?



Hey hey! I have the 600's and I'm currently having problems with audio cutting out and things. I also have Arctis 9x's and the same thing is happening with those too. Apparently MS are aware of issues with wireless connectivity and are currently working on a fix. Have a look at this, I hope it helps



I have Corsair HS75 XB Wireless and it also have some problems. For some reason, audio cuts out if I don't give controller input. But I tested it with YouTube app, and watched 50 minutes long videos and it worked perfectly. And it gets weirder. When I changed to my old Xbox One controller, it works like a dream.

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