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@greydogwalking Co-op is where the Diablo games shine. I can't even count how many hours I spent on Diablo 3 playing with my buddies.

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I've made it to Lillith and phase 1 is a cake walk, but for the life of me, I cannot get her health down to half in phase 2 . Any tips? After 8 or so tries, I went back to town to upgrade my gear and repair all my stuff since it broke 😑. I'm level 41/42ish. I honestly stopped grinding and searching in every nook and cranny of each dungeon once I realized the game sets levels based on your level. But then I got to the final dungeon and enemies were 4+ levels higher lol. Kinda had me confused. Otherwise, should I just ask someone to come join this part for me and help me out? I don't want to sit here for another 20 tries if that's what it'll take. At that point I'll just move on.



Well, I finished tonight. Overall nice time. I think I like 3 more personally though. I felt like I wanted to do more of the side content in that game vs this one.


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