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hello Xbox Game Pass I'm JameelPerkins asking for newer xbox 360 xbox og games to the gamepass i understand its old and all but please make it grow all the time with all those games n help out n me to i'm a huge fan please very listen to me thank u i heard xbox 360 games are not coming back no more but it said it on youtube but u always can belive what it says i wanna see like real old games like NFL 2k1 NFL 2k2 NFL 2k3 NFL 2k4 nfl 2k5 NBA 2k5 nba 2k2 nba 2k3 i know no body wont like listen to me and sonic mega conllection n sonic ultimate conllection xbox 360 version?



@jameelperkins The problem with the NFL 2K games they will never be released again due to Madden having an exclusive contract with the NFL. The best that they could do is 2K All Pro Football because it doesn't include any NFL licensing.

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