Topic: Yet another game not coming to XBox (Sea of Stars RPG)

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I've lost count of the amount of times XBox is skipped when it comes to releasing non-AAA games.

Seriously, did I back the wrong team? Should I buy a PS5 refresh when it comes out? I had a Switch before my Series S, and dumped the Switch because every second third-party game ran like crap. Yet that's where all the games are going.

Sea of Stars:
I'm not blaming the developers here, but something is wrong if all these developers don't feel XBox is worth it. The Series S is perfect for games like this, ensuring the high frame rates that Switch rarely delivers. The lack of games for it is such a waste.

Reminds me of this recent article:



That is a weird omission. Then again, I do have a switch, so not a total loss for me personally. Now you got me hoping I didn't just waste my money on a series s!



@Prizm Xbox as a brand suffers a lot because of last generation so many still skip it. I think that Will Change but it takes time. I ao also looking forward to Sea of Stara and would prefer to play it here (I am kind of addicted to gamerscore lol) but will probably play ir on Switch if it runs well

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I literally signed up to tell all 3 of you that I think it is coming to xbox.

Read the comments here:

When asked about Xbox they say:

"The fact that we haven't announced it yet doesn't mean it isn't coming. We simply can't confirm it yet, stay tuned!"

"The plan is to bring Sea of Stars to as many people as possible, but we can’t confirm this yet."

I'm hopeful at least!

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That's hopeful news. I'll be buying the game regardless, so at worst I'll have a Steam copy. It's just no fun playing a console-style game while sitting at a desk 😝

I recently bought their earlier game The Messenger on XBox (and Steam), and I've just about completed it. It's actually a damn good game 👌Somehow I missed it when it was released.


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