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Although I game primarily on my Series X I’ve been looking at playing PC exclusives lately, just recently I’ve finished Black Mesa (Half-Life remake) which was an absolutely fantastic game. I’ve only just noticed that the Steam Autumn sale is on and that it ends tomorrow, so I’m wondering if anyone can recommend any PC only games before the sale ends.

I’ve already bought OG Half-life and it’s two dlc Opposing Force and Blue Shift, also Postal 2 collection and Postal 3 both more for nostalgia reasons if anything considering they are certainly not great games but still good dumb fun.

I’ve omitted Half-Life 2 because I already have The Orange Box on Xbox and it already looks great with it’s One X enhancement even compared to PC at max settings, only downside is the Xbox version is 30fps but not buying it again just for 60+fps. I’ve been looking through the lists of games on Steam but there’s just too many to simply scroll through, seems to be a lot of crap amongst some gems hence why I’m asking for recommendations.



I can recommend many old strategic games like Heroes of Might and Magic V, Disciples II, Anno 1404, Civilization V, King's Bounty: The Legend, Majesty Gold HD, Civilization IV: Colonization, Star Wars Empire at War: Gold Pack, Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War.
And some other games like Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army, The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

I hear ZOV.


@AnVold @Balta666 I should have mentioned that I’m not into RTS or any rogue-like games. It’s mainly first/third person games for me. Before the sale ended I also got Counter-Strike Source and Garry’s Mod. There was quite a few old games from back in the day on Steam like Kingpin: A Life of Crime, Urban Chaos and Sin but would of liked them to of been under £1 each like Half life and Postal were. I was gutted to find that Soldier of Fortune wasn’t on Steam.

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