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@Tasuki I may say just that Chrono Cross from Square runs perfectly on my PS3 Slim.

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I hear ZOV.


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So, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth does let you freely choose between a few different alternate costumes for your party, but for whatever inane reason this feature seems to be locked to around 1/3rd of the map area of a single region.

Once you get too far away from Costa Del Sol the game forces everyone back to their default outfits. It's not just the beachwear either. All alternate costumes can only be worn in the tropical portion of Corel, even if the story portion of the game they were introduced in isn't related to Costa Del Sol at all.

For example, Yuffie wears a fancy dress during a certain cutscene at the Gold Saucer, and although you unlock the outfit afterwards, she can't actually wear it there. You have to go back to the area around Costa Del Sol to do so (the same is true for the beachwear, as well as the Shinra military gear you obtain during the Junon chapter).

Everything is fully coded for combat & exploration, the game just arbitrarily limits the feature for whatever reason I can't fathom. It'd be better if they didn't give the option at all rather than open it up and pull it away soon after.

Just to be clear this is a small issue in an otherwise fantastic game (though once again Fort Condor can do one. Luckily it hasn't popped back up yet), it's just so frustrating because it doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

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