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So... I am going to pick the brains of some techies out there.

Looks like thanks to Covid my place of work is moving to perma hybrid working so will be at home half the week. My line of work doing 70-80 hours a week I need to make sure I can do it efficiently.

Time for a hardware upgrade. I am in UK firstly. Looking to invest in a new PC. Budget roughly around £1500 I need a PC good enough for work (easy) but one that will also play new games relatively comfortably when I do get time to dabble.

Ok with prebuilt or custom at this point. Can anyone recommend what specs to go with?

Atm from shopping around I am looking at basically the below.

Core I7 or above
RTX 2060 or above
16gb ram or above
256gb NVME SSD or above

Reaching out as I know some setups can charge an absolute premium when its far cheaper to shop around a bit and/or build myself.

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@Jaxx420 Make sure you’ve got space on your motherboard to fit a second NVME drive. You’re probably feel the need to add more storage a year from now. Hopefully by then high-capacity drives will it become affordable.



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