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I have recently completed the main story of Days Gone. Even though it takes alot longer to actually 'get going', but once I reached that point, the game 'opened up' more and got alot better storywise. I did like the story of the freakers and how it began, but the main protagonist isn't great. The best character is Iron Mike. Deacon is quite underwhelming compared to the likes of other PS protagonists such as Nathan Drake, Aloy, Kratos, Joel, etc.

I think the best aspects are the audio, weather effects, sound, story, and the hordes. Those are the thrilling.

I would like to hear from other PS / PC players for their thoughts on this game, and if they think the reviews / reception is valid or not. Personally, I think the game is better than what it's 'made as'.



@Balta666 You're right, this game is not a PS exclusive anymore. I posted this under 'other gaming' due to being multi-platform. If that is not the right one, then can a moderator please advise which one this thread is more suitable.



It's so weird, I was thinking the same thing and then remembered it's on PC, which makes it appropriate for MS discussion. Jimbo wants to drive us mad.



I suspect Balta was joking! This forum is open to discussion of all games, even those on PlayStation.

I haven't played Days Gone yet. I'll get around to it eventually, probably some years though 😅

I think it was made by the same studio who made Uncharted Golden Abyss on the vita which was a wicked game.

See ya!

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