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I know, I know, it's basically a meme topic name, kinda, but it's all in jest. It's not too hard to build a "next gen killer" really but it's time for me to do my usual 4-5 year full PC rebuild. Now that games won't be shackled by ancient 2012 hardware (well, until they drop Xbox One/PS4 anyway) and will be making jumps to 2016 or so, I'm wondering if anyone else is currently planning a full PC build to do them the next few years? Currently I'm building the following:

Ryzen 9 5900X (when it launches in a few weeks)
32gb (or maybe 64gb) DDR4 4000mhz (I use my PC for video rendering on top of high end gaming)
EVGA or ASUS RTX3080 (sadly the 3090 didn't delivery on the promise)
2x WD 1tb SN850 NVMEs (they're 1 of the many new drives that outdo the PS5's "miracle muh SSD tho")
I'll put in a few SATA3 SSDs for storage or older games that aren't as demanding on the IO front.
I haven't decided on an exact motherboard yet, but it'll be an X570 with at least 2 PCI-E 4.0 NVME M.2 slots.
The rest isn't really important to warrant specifics (unless someone wants them).
1000w Corsair PSU, spacious case, AIO water cooler for CPU.

I game at 1440p, max settings with 100fps+. (Gsync module ftw)

I don't believe 4k is a waste (like some do) if you have the hardware to power it. But if you don't and you shoot for it just because it's 4k, THEN it's a waste. Context matters.

Disclaimer, I know many of my comments on articles come across as PCMR, but the reality is I understand PC gaming isn't the same to anyone. To me personally, I game on PC to get the best quality, resolution, fps, experience, etc, no matter the cost. But I know that's not for everyone, so if you want to just build an Xbox Series S/X/PS5 equal, you're welcome here too

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