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I'm really glad to see this website make a return. I just got an Xbox one X in black Friday last year. I'd heard tale of the mythical Pure Xbox site that was shuttered many a moon ago but I believe it was before my time on Nintendo life and Pushsquare.

I really didn't want to go back to the likes of IGN so I just got my Xbox news from the various threads on Push Square and Nintendo Life and of course the odd article that mentioned Xbox on those sites too.

It was to the point that I almost considered setting up my own Xbox site but I don't play it or keep up with the latest news nearly enough for that to be even somewhat feasible.

I really wish the team the best of luck this go round! It's really good to digest some Xbox news in my favourite gaming website format!

Also, maybe a quick article on NL and PS to mention this site's return might go a long way. I know there are a lot of Xbox users there and perhaps some that don't frequent the forums. I only found out about it because I saw a post from @Thanosrexxx

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I also think a mention elsewhere regarding the reopening of this site is a very good idea. It's weird having to go over to Push Square for Xbox news. And ill advised, too.



I concur, we could definitely use a post on NLife & Push🔳. I only saw the site was back like Ada Wong by a post on Twitter.


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Great to see the site back again. I hope some of the old regulars in the forums will return. It was a great place to 'virtually' hang out.

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Good to see the articles go up on Push Square and Nintendo Life!



@ralphdibny Agreed! It's been too long since this site was here. I had no idea it was back until a NL article!

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I'm glad this site is here. Now I can rely on NintendoLife, PushSquare and Pure Xbox for all my gaming info.

And I can annoy people in the forums on 3 sites! Huzzah!

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Happy, this site is back.

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Love seeing this website return. I was here when it originally started up under the name Kinectaku and had been checking a few times a year since it shutdown in hopes that it'd reopen. I think the Xbox brand lost a lot of good will with the disastrous debut the X1 back in mid-2013 and that probably contributed to this site failing to pick up steam. Hopefully things go better with the Series X and this place can build up to what PushSquare is (not sure either will ever be able to reach what NLife has become but that would be nice).



Thanks folks! We put those posts up on NL and PS last night largely in response to your feedback, so thanks for letting us know. It's great to be back!

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@FraserG woop woop, I'm sure it was a good idea to wait a few days to get some content under your belt too so us console moonlighters had something to read once we made our way over here!



@Captain_Chao5 Good to see you again - its been a while....

I too am glad PureXbox is back and hope many of the old regulars return. Good to see new faces too of course!

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Yeah, welcome back all.

I never posted too much when the site was around before but have been using Push Square and occasionally Nintendo Life for a few years now.

With the moves that Xbox have been making recently, I'm really excited for the Series X to get out there and to see this community hopefully grow with it.



Glad to see the site back! Used to post in the 360 thread every once in awhile before the site shut down, and although I haven't used it since upgrading to Switch & PS4 (and thus, will probably be spending most of my time on NL & PS), I'll still pop in from time to time, mostly in the general discussion forum to talk movies & such.

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I’m glad this site exists to compliment Nintendolife (which I’ve been following since the official Nintendo magazine forums closed in 2014. I didn’t get into Xbox until the 360 in 2012, so it’s great to have somewhere to discuss Xboxy things 😁

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