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Evening all,

Just planning my set up ready for the next-gen, got myself a 55" LG CX the other day, sound investment there I think given the HDMI 2.1 connectivity.

Want to pick anyone's brain with some audio knowledge on soundbars, trying to decide between the new Sonos Beam given the modular setup and being able to add speakers later, or investing in a wider soundbar like some of the ones Bose offer.

If anyone has any recommendations let me know.





@Z3u5000 Unfortunately the Sennheiser one a bit outside my budget sadly!

Sonos Arc seems to support Dolby and EARC, same with Beam, I'll take a look at the other link about Bang and Olufsen, I forgot about that announcement, cheers!



I got myself a Samsung Q80R 55" TV and the Q80 soundbar. It's a beast and has ATMOS

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I heard that TCL made some quailty soundbars

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