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Right now I mostly just play my SNES collection which I use the Super NT for. I have a SNES but getting it to work on a modern TV is a pain. Packed away I have a Dreamcast, an original Xbox, and a couple of PS2s. Eventually I want to get some cords so I can hook them up to my TV as well.

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I have my Mega Drive since kid but have no played in about 10 years or so (before that I usually give it a kick during summers at my mom's for nostalgia sake).
Now since 2019 I decided to get into retro gaming and I aquired since:


I don't play them that often nowadays but I have a setup with a tube TV in my office (it is a big boy which I definitely cannot hold on my own, unfortunately as it was common in the PAL region it is only 50hz). Last year I played a few PS2 classics like God of War, Jak, Ratchet and Sly.
I also play a few classics on PC as I was buying from GOG since almost it's begining. For example I replayed the tomb raider trilogy in all its retro glory not that long ago)
Finally and the place I play the most retro games is on the series X both through GP and also a collection of titles for both OG and 360.


@BacklogBrad thanks for the info! We have the RG353PS now. Well, it’s for my birthday but a family member bought it for me so I can’t try it yet .

We went for Droix in the UK. I think they are a bit more expensive, but they also had it on a discount and it saved the shipping etc so probably evened out!



@nomither6 I would highly recommend max Payne 3. It holds up so well, if someone said it was from last gen then graphically I would believe them. But the gameplay very much feels like it’s from the 360 era, and I mean that as the highest of compliments. It’s ultra violent of course, but it’s also crazy fun!

I got Mafia 2 remastered and Star Wars Force unleashed in the sale. I haven’t played force unleashed since release, and really loved the first Mafia (and the remaster) so would like to play through 2.



@BowsersBuddy i’ll get to it , hopefully i can play it this weekend, it’ll be my first max payne game. the ultra violence doesn’t bother me, im more of an edgy type of person anyway

i also have mafia 2, beat it like 3 times years and years ago; you will LOVE mafia 2. the story is very fun & the characters are excellent . the way i picture it in my head is some sort of grand adventure , but maybe when you play it you’ll feel like it’s aged compared to GTA5 or RDR2 (or maybe not?). but regardless , the story and characters are so good i doubt you’d even care.



@nomither6 awesome, i look forward to getting into it! Remembered i have Splinter Cell Conviction too. That was one of my favourites so going to give that another play through !


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