Topic: My 18 year old dog passed away earlier today

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My old 18 year old dog which was half german shep half collie he passed away earlier today this morning. Past couple of days even a week or so ago he was limping and he would just lay down on the ground. Last night he let out a couple of barks which he was going through another siezure.

old family dog been around other family members for 18 years. good protective dog. Sad to see him go.

Now Im stuck with the ornery male siamese ca






Really sorry to hear, @urrutiap.<333 My brother's chocolate brown shar-pei passed a few years ago. I miss the adorable, little snorting sound she made when she was sniffing-me/excited/greeting me.<3

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my dog was a good old boy. Funny a few times last year whenever i would use the vacuum, he would bark at it like he didnt like the vacuum because of the noise or something



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