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With the arrival of digital-only consoles such as the Nintendo Nano, the PS5 Digi edition and the Xbox Series S, we are of course exclusively dependent on the deals that Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony offer us and all too often titles in those stores remain unreasonably expensive.

I stumbled onto this news (link at the bottom of the post) about Apple and its AppStore. This is a law that should make it possible to offer multiple app stores within an ecosystem.

That would mean that we can shop a lot more and that physical stores can also stay on because of their wider online offerings. What do you think about this and do you expect it to make its way to game consoles as well?


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Sounds like a good idea. Doubt it will happen though unless a precedent is set.

There did used to be some ability to buy games/DLC at other online and brick and mortar retailers. I know one or 2 of the big 3 nixed that at some point, I can't remember which ones. Can still buy the wallet top ups though and for PS3/4 at least, that's much better value than just topping up on the PS Store.

But yeah, I'd be all for multiple store fronts if somebody can swing it. I'd want it to be official though, not like sideloaded app stores or anything like you can get on Android (at least in the past you could get them on Android, I know Amazon offered an alternative app store at one point)

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