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Dunno if anyone can answer this but how many episodes of Halo are available on Paramount+ in the UK right now?

As a Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, obviously I can get the 30-day free trial as a perk.l, but I don't want to use it yet if all the episodes of Halo aren't available yet or won't all be available by the end of the trial. I've heard bad things about the show, but if my wife and I do end up getting into it, I'd rather plan it so that we can watch it all without paying for another month.

Thanks in advance.

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Lol wut, I just claimed it cos my game pass running out tomorrow anyway.

There's no app on Xbox 😂 what a joke

Edit: can't cast it directly to my TV from my phone, all the FAQs list Chromecast which I don't have and it doesn't work in the Edge browser on Xbox 😬

Haven't used anything this bad since Britbox a few years ago which I binned off almost immediately.

On the plus side all of Strange New Worlds, Halo and the two new South Park episodes are on there but South Park is its own entry instead of being Season 25 of the main shows entry :S, like every other extra long South Park special. So dumb. Well hopefully it will be good if I can work out how to play it on my TV

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