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Tasuki wrote:

OK here is my current set up


So from left to right I have

OUYA, below that is a Wii U. Next to the Wii U is PS4, then a SNES and a PS2. Below those is an N64 and one of my Dreamcasts and on the computer desk is my Sega Genesis with CD attachment and a bunch of other stuff that I need to pick up. Lol.

You have my undying honor for owning a Dreamcast sir.

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@Amiibo: I actually own two. The white one pictured and a black sports edition. I never owned one during that gen, but it's quickly becoming one of my favorite consoles.

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The Dreamcast will always be my favorite console. So many good memories with the sports games, Crazy Taxi, Grandia II (the first RPG I ever beat), and all the awesome shooters! Plus, Rez! I love Rez! I was also playing some Aerowings 2 recently.


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