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How to get donkey Kong country and donkey Kong country 2 on Xbox live arcade games



Donkey Kong is a Nintendo IP that Microsoft did not get when they bought Rare. Only Rare IP like Perfect Dark, Banjo, Battletoads, and Conker are on Xbox.


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@Usmi19inc Rare doesn't not own DKC because it uses Nintendo characters. They could theoretically change the characters and such but it would probably change the game way to much. If you are looking for the DKC games my suggestion is look for a SNES Classic and Google how to add more games to it.

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@Tasuki If he already has to search for a reasonably affordable SNES Mini, let's safe him the trouble of then also having to search for the right tutorial about how to add games to it.

Nobody has to look any further than 8 Bit Flashback's video...

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