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Hey all,
  Just a quick note to say that we've been doing a bit of cleaning up here on the Pure Xbox Forums and have made a few changes with the goal being to get the boards jumping (or at least a little bit more lively!)

We've trimmed things down a bit, and started up a couple of game-specific forums for Destiny and the Halo franchise so you can chat about those games in there. We've slimmed our categories down a bit too, so we've got one for Xbox One, one for Xbox 360, and another one for all other gaming.

We're going to try and get things really moving here, so if you know anyone who's looking for a new forum to call home - send them here!

Thanks for reading, and for continuing to be a part of our little family here.

Ken Barnes,
Freelance Writer, Full-Time Idiot.

Xbox Gamertag: SuperKMx | Twitter:


Jump in on the Halo and Destiny forums Spartans/Guardians, We want to hear from you!

J.R.R G!en!



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