Welcome to your new Xbox games roundup for March 20th to March 24th!

It's actually a somewhat quiet few days as things stand, but we've still got some big arrivals on the way including the Resident Evil 4 remake, The Settlers: New Allies and Ni no Kuni 2 - that last one is also available with Xbox Game Pass!

Here's what's coming to Xbox next week:

New Xbox Releases (March 20-24)

  • Deceive Inc. (March 21): "Go undercover as the world’s greatest secret agents in this multiplayer game of social stealth and subterfuge."
  • Island Farmer (March 22): "Carefully observe the island, try to memorize it, then shuffle the blocks to reproduce the desired island and it will compose an archipelago."
  • Superfidos (March 22): "A platforming game where you explore the vast world of Fluffington as a magical dog hero, traversing different levels in multiple interconnected areas..."
  • Taurian Defense (March 22): "Inspired by 1980s top-down arcade-style shooters, you must defend your bases from an enemy invasion."
  • Not For Broadcast (March 23): "A darkly comedic game of televised chaos that lets you pick what you want to see on TV, no matter what anybody else wants."
  • Yello Adventures (March 23): "Overcome challenging and dangerous platforms with a variety of different and challenging enemies and make sure you are prepared for the boss at the end of the level..."
  • Dragon Pinball (March 24): "Experience Dragon Pinball, surpass all the challenges, and defeat the dragon on this exciting pinball machine."
  • I dream of you and ice cream (March 24): "I dream of you and ice cream is a point-and-click adventure game with an emphasis on puzzle solving..."
  • Lila's Tale and the Hidden Forest (March 24): "In this classical-inspired 2D game, players will explore challenging magical environments, team up with forest animals and defeat nasty enemies."
  • Overloop (March 24): "A puzzle-platformer set in a dystopian world where the invention of a cloning device has messed things up, big time."
  • Resident Evil 4 (March 24): "Resident Evil 4 marks the rebirth of an industry juggernaut. Relive the nightmare that revolutionized survival horror."
  • Steel Defier (March 24): "Use your skills to outmaneuver dozens of different hazard types, while also trying to find a way out."
  • Witchcrafty (March 24): "Witchcrafty is a platformer with small metroidvania elements that immerse you in a world of magic."

Xbox Game Pass Titles

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