Update: We've finally got a date! The Settlers: New Allies arrives on Xbox on March 23rd, 2023.

Pre-orders are now available on the Xbox Store in Standard and Deluxe formats.

Original story: One of the upcoming Ubisoft games that you might not be very aware of is The Settlers: New Allies, which previously was believed to be a PC-only release, but now we know it's definitely coming to Xbox at some point as well.

Ubisoft confirmed this earlier today in a blog post, while also announcing that the PC launch date is February 17th, 2023. All we know about the Xbox version right now is that it's "in development" (specifically for Xbox One), along with Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Amazon Luna.

"True to its almost 30 years legacy, this new entry in the series combines in-depth build-up experience with real-time strategic battles. Choose among 3 unique factions and explore this whole-new world powered by state-of-the-art graphics. Your settlement has never looked so lively."

As suggested in the official description, The Settlers: New Allies is the latest entry in the strategy series of the same name, which first originated all the way back in 1993 on Amiga and MS-DOS. There hasn't been a Settlers game for over ten years now, and The Settlers: New Allies acts as a reboot of the franchise.

Unfortunately, New Allies got off a bad start last year when it was postponed from its intended March 2022 release due to poor feedback from a Closed Beta, and Ubisoft explained at the time that it "became clear to our team that the quality wasn’t yet in line with the team’s vision". A year later, we're hopeful the game will be able to live up to expectations with its PC release, and eventually make a successful transition to Xbox.

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