Talking Point: Would You Like A 'Fully Open World' Gears 6?

Xbox developer The Coalition sprinkled more 'open' campaign levels throughout Gears 5 - the team's last release barring the excellent Hivebusters expansion for the same title. The 2019 Xbox exclusive wasn't open world as such, but it contained some vast level design that strayed fairly far from the linear levels the series is known for. The question is, will we see the concept explored further in 'Gears 6'?

Some folks seem to think so. Speshal Nick over at XboxEra recently touched on the subject during a recent podcast segment, with rumours floating around about Gears 6. Nick claims that he's heard rumours Gears 6 "is a little bit further along than some might think", and that "there's a strong possibility that it may be like a full, almost like a full open world game".

These are only rumours right now and should absolutely be taken as such, but the claims have got us thinking about where Gears 6 could go. For us, Gears 5's campaign was quite a big step up from Gears of War 4, so we wouldn't be totally against The Coalition opening things up even more in this regard.

We had quite a lot of fun blasting around on Gears 5's Skiff as we battled through vast desert environments and frozen landscapes - it was certainly a nice change of pace from the rest of the campaign that stuck to a more traditional Gears formula. Fully open world akin to something like Far Cry? That could work!

But, what do you think? Should the team move forward with the more open ended design elements first introduced in Gears 5, or would you prefer Gears to stick to what it's known for? Leave your thoughts on this latest rumour, and your hopes for Gears 6 in general, down below.