Talking Point: With PSVR 2 On The Way, Do You Wish Xbox Also Had A VR Headset?

As you may have already seen earlier today, Sony has formally announced the PlayStation VR2, the second version of the company's virtual reality headset — this time being designed specifically for PlayStation 5.

The PSVR2 includes features such as a 4K HDR OLED screen with a 110-degree viewing angle, eye-tracking, headset feedback via a rumble motor and much more, although it's still a wired headset rather than the wireless alternative found in the Oculus / Meta Quest 2, which is easily the most popular VR device on the market right now.

As for Xbox? There's no sign of a dedicated VR headset on the horizon, with boss Phil Spencer mentioning during WSJ Tech Live in October that the company was more interested in staying "in the consumer space focused on software":

I applaud what Sony‘s doing, I applaud what Oculus is doing, what Valve has done. I mean, there’s a lot of good players out there that have done some amazing VR work... But yeah, we’re gonna stay as a company right now in the consumer space focused on software, and I think that’s a good bet.”

There are still plans for Xbox to potentially do something with VR and AR in the future as part of Microsoft's "metaverse", with suggestions that some Xbox IPs could be turned into "full 3D worlds", but details are limited on this.

Interestingly, Phil Spencer did also highlight last summer that he felt the Oculus Quest 2 was the best example of a VR device right now, and hypothetically, if Xbox was to create a headset, he wouldn't want it to be a wired one.

It's best not to get our hopes up that Xbox is ever going to create a dedicated VR device, but plans can change and you never just know what the future has in store. So, with that said, how do you feel about it? Would you like to see Xbox enter the VR space with an exclusive headset, or would it be a bad idea for the brand moving forward?

Let us know your thoughts on VR down in the poll and comments below.

Do You Wish Xbox Had A VR Headset?