Talking Point: Will Certain PlayStation & Nintendo Games Eventually Come To Xbox?

It's been a busy few weeks for Xbox, starting out with a whirlwind of rumours about certain games launching on other platforms - before that exact plan was put into action this week. Four games are in the process of coming to PlayStation and Nintendo consoles, but what do you think about either of the two platforms ever returning the favour?

Right now it may seem unlikely that we'd ever see PlayStation or Nintendo games on Xbox, but as the landscape changes you just never know. Xbox appears to be pushing for a more multiplatform future — especially after Phil Spencer's comments about Helldivers 2 — and Sony has kind of launched games on Xbox before if you count the MLB series - successfully as well.

In that context then, PlayStation getting more friendly with Xbox seems the most likely course of action, even if it remains to be seen whether that will actually translate to more games releasing for Microsoft's console. There's been some speculation about that recently — in light of comments from Sony's new CEO on making more of a multiplatform push — although that seems to be focusing on PC for now.

As for Nintendo, well, we're just not quite sure. The Switch maker can be a little more unpredictable - and they're also yet to get very involved in this whole multiplatform discussion at all. Maybe one day some of its smaller titles could arrive on other systems, but we can't say we could ever imagine a big Nintendo IP on Xbox - or PlayStation for that matter.

However this plays out, the landscape seems to be changing, with Microsoft at the forefront of a shift in strategy for its gaming business. Will Sony or Nintendo ever follow suit? Which of their games do you think could come to Xbox?

Vote in the polls below and leave your suggestions in the comments section!

Will Certain PlayStation Games Ever Launch On Xbox? (652 votes)

  1. Nope, MLB The Show will be the only one39%
  2. Maybe, but it'll be very select smaller titles27%
  3. I think Sony will wait and see how everything plays out23%
  4. They'll eventually bring older PlayStation games to Xbox7%
  5. Yep, we're all going full multiplatform eventually!4%

Will Certain Nintendo Games Ever Launch On Xbox? (613 votes)

  1. Nope, never!75%
  2. Maybe, but it'll be very select smaller titles16%
  3. I think Nintendo will wait and see what PlayStation and Xbox do!5%
  4. They'll eventually bring older Nintendo games to Xbox2%
  5. Yep, we're all going full multiplatform eventually!3%