Poll: Will You Be Playing Any Of Xbox's New Multiplatform Games On Other Consoles?

So, it has begun. This week, Microsoft has made announcements for games heading to both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation platforms - with Pentiment and Grounded heading to both ecosystems while Hi-Fi RUSH and Sea Of Thieves have been confirmed for PS5 so far.

As Xbox fans, and users of Microsoft's consoles, this isn't particularly huge news - we've been able to play all of these games for months and months on Xbox and PC. However, we are curious as to whether the PX community will be playing any of these titles on other platforms.

There's certainly a use-case for Nintendo Switch here. The Japanese company's hybrid console is great for native on-the-go gaming, and we could imagine that there's a decent appetite to play the likes of Pentiment and especially Grounded on the Nintendo console.

As for Hi-Fi RUSH and Sea of Thieves on PS5, well, that comes down to personal preference - or whether Xbox players would be tempted to double dip. Having said that, all of these games are on Xbox Game Pass, so most of us probably haven't outright bought them on Xbox anyway!

So, will you be playing any of these Xbox titles on Switch or PS4/5? Vote in the polls down below and tell us your plans in the comments.

Which Xbox Game Will You Play On Another Console? (798 votes)

  1. Grounded13%
  2. Hi-Fi RUSH16%
  3. Pentiment11%
  4. Sea of Thieves12%
  5. I'll be sticking to Xbox / PC for all four48%

If Any, Which Console Will You Be Playing On? (322 votes)

  1. PlayStation 4 (Pentiment, Grounded)6%
  2. PlayStation 5 (Pentiment, Grounded, Hi-Fi RUSH, Sea of Thieves)56%
  3. Nintendo Switch (Pentiment, Grounded)38%