MLB The Show 21's Xbox Release Appears To Have Been A Major Success For Sony

Sony has followed on from Xbox last week by reporting the latest earnings results for the PlayStation brand, and interestingly from an Xbox perspective, there's a little note discussing the success of MLB The Show 21.

The company says that MLB The Show 21's launch on "other platforms" has followed on from the success of releasing PC versions of various first-party PlayStation games such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding. Additionally, the game "contributed significantly to sales and profit during the quarter", thanks in part to strong add-on sales.

Sony hasn't gone into detail about sales of MLB The Show 21 on PlayStation compared to Xbox, but it was recently revealed as "the fastest-selling title in franchise history with more than 2 million copies sold across all platforms".

It was also suggested that an extra two million players have been enjoying the game via Xbox Game Pass, so we'd hazard a guess that the "strong add-on sales" are likely taken up by a good portion of the Game Pass audience.

It wasn't actually Sony's decision to release MLB The Show 21 on Xbox Game Pass (that was the work of the MLB specifically), but it looks like everything's worked out for the best, so hopefully this becomes a permanent thing.

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