Our new Video Producer Craig has been over on the Pure Xbox YouTube channel laying out some of his top casting suggestions for the upcoming Gears of War movie, which is being produced by Netflix.

You can check out his picks in the video above, which include a perhaps surprising choice for Marcus Fenix; a character many are pipping to be played by Dave Bautista.

Indeed, the famous WWE star and actor has repeatedly expressed his interest in any such role - he even features as a character skin in Gears 5! For now, it's unconfirmed whether the star will feature in the Netflix movie at all.

Another shout for Marcus, or even possibly Dominic Santiago for that matter, could be Pedro Pascal. The actor's portrayal of Joel Miller in The Last Of Us seems to be going down incredibly well right now - his stock price is certainly going up for future video game adaptations!

However, we want to know your suggestions! Who would you cast as the members of Delta Squad in the upcoming Gears of War movie?

Let us know your casting choices in the comments down below!