The Last of Us xbox

HBO's 'The Last of Us' TV show is proving incredibly popular right now, as PlayStation brings its exclusive post-apocalyptic game series to the TV network. While we can't play the games themselves on Xbox, we can of course watch the show there, and Microsoft & HBO seem to be taking advantage of that fact.

Adverts for The Last of Us have begun appearing on the Xbox dashboard to coincide with the show's recent arrival. We know that these ads are purely for a platform-agnostic TV series, but still, it's just odd to see The Last Of Us on Xbox to be honest - in any fashion!

We have to admit, Naughty Dog's game series is probably the top PlayStation franchise we'd love to be able to play on Xbox. Oh well, the TV show will have to do!

Having said that, if you play on PC as well as Xbox, the series is about to make its debut on the PC platform. The Last of Us Part 1 is heading to PC storefronts, including Steam, on March 3rd.

Have you seen this dashboard ad yet? Tempted to watch the show? Let us know.