What’s Your Scariest Video Game Moment?
Image: Bethesda

There's something different about playing a horror game rather than watching a scary movie. Being in direct control of the action and physically having to push your character forward is a daunting experience, putting you in the director's seat, rather than simply watching the action unfold on screen. Knowing the horror won't happen until you move forward is a strikingly horrible feeling, but one we can't get enough of.

Horror has been a staple of gaming for many, many years, delivering some of the best moments in video game history. Xbox has been no stranger to the genre either, receiving some fantastic titles over the years. Condemned: Criminal Origins, The Evil Within, The Medium - the list goes on.

All of these games have an impending sense of dread, but there will always be those moments that stick out more than the rest. The encounters that keep us up at night and scare us silly with their unexpected jump scares or creepy imagery. Even some games which aren't strictly horror can manage to get under your skin at certain moments.

For us, there are a few offenders. One of our earliest memories is the terrifying bear chase in Condemned 2: Bloodshot. Outside of all the brutal melee combat and disturbing moments, one particular set piece involving a grizzly bear was what managed to stand out above all else. It's a pulse-pounding level and one we won't be forgetting any time soon.

There are also some other moments we won't be forgetting in a hurry. The spider-like Laura from The Evil Within, the dentist jumpscare in Bioshock, and of course, the most recent House Beneviento set piece in Resident Evil Village. With so many horror games on the market, there's just too much to choose from and our poor little hearts can't take it anymore.

But what about you? What moment in a video game has scared the life out of you? After all these years, what part of a game will you never forget thanks to the fear-inducing horror you've been forced to overcome? We're eager to hear what you have to share - it doesn't necessarily have to be a horror game either. So let's set the Halloween mood and share some scary stories!

What's your scariest video game moment? Let us know in the comments below.

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