Talking Point: What Else Do You Expect To See From Xbox Before The End Of 2023?

The biggest event in the calendar for Xbox is usually always the Xbox Games Showcase, and now that it's come and gone, we already have a much better idea of what the Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda roadmap is looking like.

However, the year is certainly not over for Team Xbox! We've obviously got the highly-anticipated release of Starfield this September, followed by the launch of Forza Motorsport in October, along with a few other things to come.

The question is, what do you now expect to see from Team Xbox before the end of the year? Will a dedicated Gamescom showcase bring us news on Ara: History Untold and Age of Empires 4 for Xbox ahead of their planned arrivals later this year? Will we finally get more news about the public rollout of the new Xbox dashboard? And will Avowed and Hellblade 2 receive locked-in release dates at The Game Awards this December?

We're certainly not expecting Xbox to go quiet over the next few months, but it remains to be seen how many more dedicated events we might get, and what other secrets Phil Spencer and his team might have in store for us.

What do you think? What are you expecting to see before the end of this year? Tell us down below.