Talking Point: Do You Think Xbox Will Ever Stop Making Consoles?

It's been an interesting start to the year for Xbox. We have a new Developer Direct announced that makes 2024 on Xbox look quite tantalising indeed, and there've been some great Game Pass announcements already - and we're not even halfway through January!

Things are looking good then, especially with that Dev Direct locked in - featuring Indiana Jones, Hellblade 2 and more. Xbox's first-party output is looking very strong in the coming months which is great to see, however rumours that certain other first-party games could potentially go to other platforms has stirred up some conversation about what the future of Xbox looks like.

Those rumours have discussed games such as Sea Of Thieves and Hi-Fi RUSH moving over to PS5. Again, neither of these have been announced yet and both are pure rumour at this stage - but if that were to happen it'd be a huge statement from Microsoft.

These are some big titles from two of Xbox's major first-party teams, and it'd signal another shift in strategy for the Xbox owner. If first-party games moved over (and that's a big if), do you think it'd mean we're closer and closer to Xbox getting out of the hardware business?

It's something that people have discussed for a while, especially with the brand's focus on its Game Pass service. Theoretically, Xbox could just start publishing its games everywhere else and move away from creating consoles - it'd probably save them a lot of R&D headaches over at Microsoft HQ.

Still, we think such a future would rely hugely on Xbox Game Pass and its availability. We reckon for Xbox to move away from consoles, all other major platforms would have to accept Xbox Game Pass as a subscription option - and we don't seem any closer to the service appearing on PlayStation or Nintendo's systems. It's a concept that Sony and Nintendo seemingly aren't on board with.

For now, Microsoft is firmly planted in the console business - and Series X|S seems to be doing fairly well compared to other Xbox generations. We've already heard about rumours for new systems as well, so that seems likely, at least for the immediate future. Beyond that, who knows - gaming is a very dynamic industry!

What do you think the future holds for Xbox? Crystal ball at the ready - will Xbox move away from hardware anytime soon and just make games for other platforms? Or will Microsoft make gaming consoles for as long as Xbox lives?

Vote in the poll below and tell us what you think in the comments section!

Would Xbox Ever Stop Making Consoles? (759 votes)

  1. Yep, I think Xbox Game Pass is all they really care about!23%
  2. Maybe, especially if PlayStation and Nintendo allowed Xbox Game Pass18%
  3. Perhaps one day, anything could happen in gaming!23%
  4. I just can't see it, unless we all start cloud gaming instead of playing on console21%
  5. Never, Microsoft will always want to compete with its own console hardware!16%