Talking Point: Can You Remember The First Xbox Game You Ever Completed?

Well, it's been a quiet old Monday so far here at Pure Xbox, so we thought we'd take a bit of a break and put together another Talking Point! This time, we're interested to know if you can remember the first game you ever completed.

And we're not just talking Xbox here. We mean anything, whether you're brand-new to gaming with the Xbox Series X or PS5, or perhaps even go back as far as the ZX Spectrum or Atari 2600. It's all fair game!

Lots of people have different ideas of what "completed" means, whether that's just getting to the end of the game, getting all the achievements or trophies in a game, or simply doing absolutely everything you can possibly do in a game.

In this instance, we're more interested in rolling the credits rather than getting 100% completion, but feel free to share multiple experiences with us if you want to! We want to hear all your answers down in the comments below.