It's been quite the year so far, eh? Xbox set the tone for 2023 super early with the surprise arrival of Hi-Fi RUSH back in January, and to be honest, it feels like this year's releases just haven't slowed down since.

So, our Video Producer Craig has decided to take a good hard look at the year's releases so far; curating a lovely list of what we think are the best games to grace Xbox in 2023. We realise we've only just crept into July, but there've been so many amazing titles launched this year that we thought 2023's midway point was a good time to gather our thoughts!

Hi-Fi RUSH aside, what else could qualify for one of the top Xbox games of the year? Well, just two days after Tango's beat-bopping rhythm game dropped, EA launched its reimagining of the first Dead Space, which to this day remains one of the top-rated titles of the year so far with an 89 Metacritic rating on Xbox Series X.

And who could forget about Resident Evil 4 Remake?! RE hype was at fever pitch back in March when Capcom decided to tackle the gargantuan task of improving on the absolute classic that is the original Resident Evil 4. Somehow, they managed it!

More recently, June's double whammy of Diablo 4 and Street Fighter 6 graced our Xbox consoles, and we were enamoured by both of these AAA behemoths last month. The pair of them scored coveted 9/10 Pure Xbox ratings in our written reviews - it's safe to say we were very, very impressed with these two.

Anyway, our full top ten for the year so far is all laid out in the video up above! Oh, and do comment down below if we missed anything that you'd consider a GOTY contender (Dead Island 2, anyone?) - we'd like to hear your thoughts on Xbox's 2023 as things stand.

Which 2023 Xbox titles stick out to you so far? Do you agree with our list? Let us know!