Xbox Cloud Gaming Phil Spencer
Image: Microsoft

While the majority of Xbox's Gamescom 2021 Showcase was relatively low key, one standout was the confirmation that Cloud Gaming would be coming to consoles this holiday season. It will allow Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S players to to stream games from the cloud without being forced to download them beforehand. It's a neat concept, and one Xbox boss Phil Spencer has claimed changes the way he discovers games.

Discussing this on Twitter, Spencer says he's been "getting a ton of value" out of trying games instantly via the cloud. He added that the ease of access has "changed how [he] discover[s] new games to play in a big way".

It is a pretty substantial addition and one we're sure people will come to enjoy at launch. Xbox One players having the ability to enjoy next-gen games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator and The Medium will open up those titles to more players too, although that option is reportedly "coming in the future". Look out for Xbox Cloud Gaming on console this fall, with the feature set to be rolled out to Xbox Insiders first.

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