Poll: When Do You Think Xbox Will Release Its Next-Generation Console?

Microsoft has begun teasing its plans for a next-generation Xbox console - described as the 'largest technical leap ever' in a generation. We're yet to see exactly what the team means by this statement, but it has got us questioning when it might arrive.

Xbox Series X|S launched in November 2020; seven years after Xbox One. It's safe to assume we'll probably see a similar timeframe between consoles this time around, but after these comments, do you think it could be an even longer wait for next-gen?

Existing evidence leads to a potential 2028 release year for the next Xbox - at least based on multiple FTC document leaks from the whole Activision Blizzard case. That sounds about right, but this huge technical leap tease does have us thinking it might be even further away!

Rumours have also floated around recently about Microsoft bringing things forward and looking at some sort of Xbox device for 2026 - but we think that's less likely now given yesterday's public statements on hardware. That could happen, but it certainly feels like we're further away from a huge next-gen leap than two years or so.

But, what's your immediate reaction to all of this? Does 2028 sound about right, or are you expecting a new console earlier/later than that? Vote in the poll below and feel free to elaborate in the comments!

When Will Microsoft Launch The Next Generation Of Xbox? (864 votes)

  1. Earlier than 20253%
  2. 20256%
  3. 202632%
  4. 202726%
  5. 202827%
  6. 20292%
  7. 2030 or later4%