xbox controller

As Xbox announces yet another special edition Series X|S controller, we've been thinking about our favourite gamepads of the generation so far. Despite the fact that we've seen lots of stock issues across the industry during the COVID-19 era, Microsoft has managed to put out a solid amount of unique controller designs over the past few years.

The trio of 'Shift' controllers are some of the most unique variants so far this gen, with Microsoft going for a completely new style here. Of course, the lineup has just been added to today with the surprise release of the 'Stellar Shift' controller - probably our favourite of the Shift lineup so far.

Another favourite of ours is the Xbox 20th Anniversary controller that launched in late 2021. This was a more understated design compared to most, but its look just screams 'Xbox', and we think it's one of the best variants yet.

As for game-themed options, this is where movement has been a little lighter from Microsoft so far. We got the bright and colourful Forza Horizon 5 pad back in 2021, along with a couple of Halo Infinite variants that year as well (one being tied to a console bundle), but on the whole we'd like to see more game specific controllers in 2023!

With all of that in mind, what's your favourite special edition Xbox Series X|S controller so far? We're going to stick to widely available & purchasable limited editions variants here, omitting the standard flat colour options and any weird and wonderful pads that were released as one off promo designs.

Which of these controllers is your favourite? Vote in the poll and if we've missed your favourite, choose 'Other' and let us know which!

Which Is Your Favourite Xbox Series X|S Limited Edition Controller (1,603 votes)

  1. 20th Anniversary
    20th Anniversary24%
  2. Aqua Shift
    Aqua Shift4%
  3. Daystrike Camo
    Daystrike Camo1%
  4. Forza Horizon 5
    Forza Horizon 531%
  5. Halo Infinite Console Edition
    Halo Infinite Console Edition5%
  6. Halo Infinite Elite
    Halo Infinite Elite10%
  7. Lunar Shift
    Lunar Shift7%
  8. Mineral Camo
    Mineral Camo3%
  9. Stellar Shift
    Stellar Shift10%
  10. Other