Poll: What Score Would You Give Tunic On Xbox Game Pass So Far?

Back on Wednesday, we were treated to the surprise that Tunic would be shadow dropping on Xbox Game Pass as part of the Xbox Indie Showcase, and since then, Xbox fans have been spending countless hours with the little fox.

Here at Pure Xbox, we had a chance to play the game prior to release (before any of us knew it was going to be a Game Pass game), and gave it an "Excellent" 9/10 score, stating that "it’s an almost immaculately realised thing, a fascinating and fantastic adventure that’s one of the very best games we've played so far in 2022."

If you're interested in even more Tunic content, we had a chance to speak to the game's creator, Andrew Shouldice, about the influences that shaped it during its creation, in an interview we loved putting together a few weeks ago.

So, now that everyone's had a few days to play Tunic with Xbox Game Pass, what score would you give it so far? Let us know your opinions down in the comments below, regardless of whether you've played ten minutes or ten hours!

What score would you give Tunic on Xbox Game Pass so far? Tell us in the poll and comments.

What Score Would You Give Tunic On Xbox Game Pass?