Poll: What Did You Think To The Skull & Bones Beta On Xbox?

Last week, Ubisoft unleashed its Skull & Bones open beta on Xbox Series X|S - ahead of the game's full launch on February 16th. It's been a long time coming, but we've now all had the chance to go hands-on with the team's seafaring open world adventure!

So... what did you think to the open beta? Has it tempted you to pick up the full release and carry your progress over to the launch later this week? Early impressions of the beta seemed decent, and we're curious to see what the Pure Xbox community thinks so far.

Here at PX HQ we've tried a little bit of the beta - but we're waiting for the main game to make a proper judgement. Ubisoft has been working on Skull & Bones for the best part of a decade - we hope it's turned out well in the end!

Anyway, based on your beta game time, what do you think to the title so far? Does it live up to your expectations or do you see this one struggling to make a splash with its $70 price tag?

Vote in the poll below and tell us what you think so far!

What Did You Think To The Skull & Bones Beta? (1,693 votes)

  1. It was amazing, I loved it!8%
  2. It was pretty good, I'm interested in the full release19%
  3. It was OK, middle of the road14%
  4. It was a bit disappointing for me21%
  5. It was pretty bad!17%
  6. I didn't play it, I'm waiting for the full release6%
  7. I didn't play it, couldn't be bothered to be honest!15%