Apparently, Skulls & Bones Will Finally Wash Ashore In February 2024

Update: This has now been confirmed! Skull & Bones will officially arrive on February 16th, 2024.

Original story: So, Skull & Bones. Ubisoft's seafaring pirate adventure has been floating among the seas for ages at this point - development began around a decade ago on the back of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. As you can tell the game still hasn't seen the light of day since, however, a new report claims to know the planned release date.

According to Tom Henderson at Insider Gaming, Ubisoft will finally launch Skull & Bones on February 16th, 2024. The game got its first release window back in 2018, before being delayed several times up to this point.

The report contains some other interesting details as well. The outlet reckons Ubisoft will drop a premium edition of the game three days early on February 13th - that version is set contain some extra goodies along with early access at a roughly $15-$20 premium.

Anyway, for now this is all unconfirmed but given Henderson's track record we reckon this could be the plan for now over at Ubisoft. We say 'plan for now' because, well, we've been here before a few times with Skull & Bones - we just hope the launch date actually comes to pass this time.

Is this release date happening? Can you feel it in your bones? Drop some nuggets of treasure in the comments section below.