Poll: How Often Do You Buy DLC Packs & Expansions For Your Games?

If you look back at 2023 and some of the highest-rated games to come out for Xbox consoles, a few of them weren't full games at all - they were expansions. Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty even made it into our Pure Xbox Game of the Year list (as voted for by you!), while Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways received a superb 89 rating on Metacritic.

Fantastic expansions on Xbox are nothing new, but it's made us think a bit about how much great DLC is out there right now, and how little we actually engage with it for the most part. Sure, we loved our time with the aforementioned couple of expansions, but there are so many others that we've yet to experience for one reason or another.

Inevitably, a big reason why we don't get around to DLC is time. In many cases, you need to have completed a game to get the most out of an expansion, and with countless titles in our backlogs already, it's not always easy to do that!

That's just us though, and we're interested to know how much you personally engage with DLC packs and expansions for your games. Are you buying them on the regular, or do you save DLC purchases for the most special of titles?

We'd love to hear about your DLC buying habits down in the poll and comments section below!

How Often Do You Buy DLC? (494 votes)

  1. All the time! It's very regular for me9%
  2. Fairly often to be fair19%
  3. Now and again14%
  4. Only for the few titles I love the most40%
  5. Pretty much never to be honest!18%