Saints Row Reboot

So, Saints Row is back this week after a fairly long hiatus since Saints Row IV first arrived on the scene in 2013. Volition's attempt at rebooting the series doesn't seem to have gone down all that well, although the wide range of review scores suggests some folks are having fun with it.

Of course, first and foremost Saints Row is a sandbox playground and the reboot seems to deliver on that mantra, even with the fair share of bugs, glitches and other problems present in the game at launch.

Still, if messing about in a big dumb open world with even bigger, dumber characters is your kind of thing, you might be tempted to jump into the new Saints Row, especially in a year full of AAA delays where pretty much every big release has shifted to 2023, it seems.

If you're interested, here's what we thought of the game in our review:

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Are You Picking Up Saints Row?