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Ready at Dawn Announces De-formers for Xbox One

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

Ready at Dawn's first Xbox One game looks like a total blast

For Xbox gamers, Ready at Dawn is a developer they may not be familiar with. They are known for their work on Sony's PlayStation platforms including 2015's The Order: 1886 and the technically impressive handheld God of War games. For its next game, Ready at Dawn is veering away from the mature subject matter of those titles and on to something created for all ages. It's called De-formers and, based on the trailer, it's a multiplayer-centric physics-based arena combat game with a cutesy art style. And yes, this one is coming to Xbox One.

In De-formers, players select a creature they want to play as known as "Forms." Forms are squishy and blob-like and their appearances all seem to range from ugly to very ugly. Soon after, players are dropped into an arena where they will jump, smash, roll, and shoot to survive. Forms are destroyed when they are shot at with enough gooey bullets, are rammed into at high speeds, or tossed off the arena. Forms can also grow in size by killing other Forms, meaning they'll have more health but become more of target in the process. There are also power-ups in the game that are dropped at random that grant Forms special abilities such as an area-sized blast or providing major damage bonuses.

Ready at Dawn has implemented local and online multiplayer into De-formers, promising four-player split screen action either competitively or cooperatively.

"Games are always better when you're able to sit next to a friend and tell them what they did wrong," said Alex Saucedo, producer on Deformers. "Or what you did right against them."

De-formers has been in development the moment Ready at Dawn was finished with The Order: 1886. It may initially seem at odds with what the team has produced in the past, but sometimes a plunge into the bizarre is exactly what is required to get those creative juices going.

Deformers will be coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC, although a release date has yet to be revealed. It will be published by GameTrust, GameStop's new publishing label who is also publishing Insomiac's Song of the Deep.


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Luigi_Skywalker said:

That looks super fun. This new crop of fun for the whole family games really excites me. I have been gaming for 30+ years and it has felt a little targeted toward a specific audience for about the last 10 years. I love being able to play Overwatch without hiding it from my 6 year old like I do when I play Call of duty. Don't get me wrong, I still love Grand Theft Auto and Battlefield and Call of Duty, but there is definitely room for experiences like this that remind me of my whole family crowded around the TV playing The Legend of Zelda on NES when I was 5.

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