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Bringing More Toys To Life, Skylanders Imaginators Announced for Xbox One, 360

Posted by Ken Barnes

Get your wallet ready, parents

Activision have confirmed that the Skylanders will return once again this October on Xbox One and Xbox 360, with a new title by the name of Skylanders Imaginators.

The hook this time around is that players will be able to create their own Skylanders from scratch, rather than relying on pre-determined combinations. So, you'll be able to use your "Creation Crystal" toy in order to create your own Skylander in the new "Imaginators" class, setting their name, appearance, moves, powers, and musical theme. The character is then saved to the Creation Crystal for portability.

Skylanders Imaginators also introduces Skylanders Senseis, who are new heroes that represent 10 different battle classes. They can be used to train your new Imaginators and unlock new Imaginator weapons, provide access to new areas of the game, and bestow Secret Techniques (seriously, Activision have capitalised that, not us) upon your creations.

31 Senseis will be available to buy, including some villains from earlier games that have reformed to fight for good. We're pretty sure you know how these are unlocked...

Skylanders Imaginators will support all 300+ (ouch) Skylanders toys that have been released to date and you'll be able to dive in with a launch bundle that consists of two Skylanders toys, the Creation Crystal, the Portal of Power and the game itself. We're assuming that the Portal of Power is the same as last year's so you won't have to buy a new one, but we're seeking confirmation on that.

Skylanders Imaginators launches on Xbox One and Xbox 360 in the UK on October 14th, with a US launch happening two days later on the 16th.

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Falco1863 said:

I love these games. I just hope there's a lot less vehicle-reliance. Superchargers is fun, but the vehicles control horribly. I was hoping for Mario Kart-like controls, and always have trouble with the driving sequences. I love the different characters, though, and will definitely spend a lot of time making and tweaking my own Skylanders!



EternalDragonX said:

wish these games would be offered as digital aswell. not everyone wants toys all over the place in their homes just for one game.

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