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Gamescom 2014: Rise of The Tomb Raider Is Also Coming to Xbox 360

Posted by Ken Barnes


While the announcement of Rise of The Tomb Raider being an Xbox exclusive certainly got a lot of people's backs up, it appears that the game won't be limited to one platform after all.

Indeed, it'll also be coming to Xbox 360.

That's according to Microsoft's Phil Harrison, who was speaking to Eurogamer. The site say that they'll have "more about the specifics - and the reasoning - behind the exclusive" for everyone soon. So, keep your ears to the ground.


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ReigningSemtex said:

Not a true next gen game then this will no doubt have to be slightly watered down to cater for the 360.



hYdeks said:

Well I was very interested in this title til I found this out, now it probably won't be a true next gen game.

They really need to stop making a Xbox One version and a Xbox 360 version of every game, how do they expect to sell Xbox Ones if you keep making the game also available on 360?!?!



Gamer83 said:


It's the same as last-gen, a lot of 360 games were also on the original Xbox for the first half year or so, then MS abruptly dropped the Xbox Original and the cross-gen stuff stopped. 360 has an over 80 mil userbase though, as much as I agree with you, it can't be expected of MS to leave that many people out in the cold and losing the PS4 customers' $$$ this move makes sense for SquareEnix too. The true current gen games will come, but it'll take a while longer. In the meantime, this should at least still be a great game, just maybe won't look as great as it could've.

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